First blog post

I know it seems silly to leave the title of my post as “first blog post”, but I figure it fits. On this blog, my intent is to share stories (most will probably about my kids) and information. I may share some of my favorite verses I come across or quotes from books I am reading. My hope is to be relatable, to encourage and bring joy to your day!

I recently quit my teaching job. I taught 3rd grade for 9 years. Some people asked me… why didn’t you make it to year 10? Well, it’s always been my goal to be home with my boys. Could I have made it through another year and done a good job? Yes, I could have. Things just came together and the timing was right. I am good at my job. However, this past year, I felt more than ever, that it became very difficult to be a great teacher and a great mom. I had to choose. My kids win. (Not that I don’t love my students, because I do).

{Insert interruption: Puppy has taken Child #2’s favorite stuffed lion. Child #2 is freaking out. Mom has to wrangle it out of little T-rex- like puppy fangs.}

Ok, I’m back.

I am excited to begin my stay-at-home mom journey. As I stay home, I will be homeschooling my oldest son (so still teaching in a different format), and running home businesses my husband and I own. While everything isn’t perfectly lined up with not having my teaching income, we are trusting God with the details. I really have great peace about this.

Philippians 4:6-7 says: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard  your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

I have included a photo today of a spot in Newport, RI. The water was clear and calm. I sat there for quite a while by myself, with my feet in the water, enjoying the quiet time. I love quiet moments 🙂






Sweet Moments

I  was recently having a conversation with someone, and I was reminded about something my littlest guy used to do as a baby. He slept in a rock-n-play seat near our bed for like his whole first year. (Which is probably way longer than you are supposed to let them, but he was tiny, and it helped him sleep.)

Many mornings, I would wake up to him sitting up in this rock-n-play with a big smile on his face. Similar to this picture:


He is so full of joy and really has always been that way. I am so thankful for that.

(Don’t get me wrong….there are many moments of frustration when I have told him to clean up or put his shoes on 100 times and he still hasn’t.)

Today is just one of those days where I’ve spent some time reflecting on what an amazing blessing both of my boys are to me. I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Yesterday, we were walking somewhere and he was holding on to my hand. (Willingly this time… which is not always the case.) He turned to me, smiled and said “I’m your biggest fan.”  It kind of caught me off guard because I didn’t even know he had ever heard that phrase. I asked him what he meant. He told me it meant he would always protect me from bad guys. It’s one of those sweet moments that I never want to forget. (So I’m writing it here!)

Then earlier today, my oldest son said to me, “I kissed you on the head last night when you were sleeping.” Another sweet moment.

Psalm 127: 3 (NLT) says: “Children are a gift from the Lord”.

I truly feel that way.

Recently, my husband took photos of our family. I was extremely happy with how they turned out. (I think this might have been the first photo session in the last 6 years where they have actually cooperated.) But most of all, I feel like he truly captured the love I have for my children.


I hope you are able to enjoy some sweet moments with your families this week.



To my fellow teacher & mom friends…

Hey everyone!

Even though I don’t teach full time any more, I remember the eagerness to get in my classroom and begin preparing for the coming school year. There’s just something special about the start of the new school year. (I know all the mom’s who will be sending their kiddos back to school will probably agree with that too!)

For me it was always about a fresh start… new faces… clean classroom and new school supplies….

I’ve been working really hard as the school year inches closer and closer to create more resources for my TPT site. Thank you to those of you who have checked out my site so far. I greatly appreciate it.

I have a sale going on right now for my back to school resources

This week, I have added a couple new 1st grade resources:

First grade resources

Thanks again for checking things out! I have a couple free items and will continue to add more.

On the mom side of things…. the floor is vacuumed, the dishes are in the dishwasher, the counter is wiped…. at least for now. I can now enjoy the evening. Just kidding, there’s laundry…….

Have a great week!




Happy Friday!

Hello friends!

“Happy Friday” is what I always used to greet my students with in the morning when I taught 3rd grade. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! The sun is shining and it’s warm but not overly warm.

This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down in a few hours. We got out to play with some friends this morning at a local library. Friday also means grocery day for me. Heading to Costco and Aldi’s on a Friday afternoon has me ready for a nap. (Hopefully my kids are taking full advantage of the nap I laid them down for.) I always think… oh, I’ll go to Costco during the day on a weekday… it will be less busy. Yet it’s still super busy. I don’t get it.

To all my teacher friends and fellow homeschool moms, I wanted to let you know, I’ve started a TPT site. I have a good start on adding resources I’ve created and will continue to add things. For me, when I was a full-time teacher, I just had so little time to create the things I wanted and needed. So if you have any requests, let me know! Here is a link to my TPT site.    Follow me on TPT!

On the puppy side of things, I think our dog is starting to show signs of growing out of his puppy ways. I did just take a plastic wrapper out of his mouth. And he did find a bunny nest a couple days ago. (Bad news for the bunnies…..) But thankfully, we took him to the park after dinner yesterday, which was REALLY busy, and he did the best he’s ever done. He’s absolutely huge and very difficult to control around other dogs most of the time. So his good park adventure makes me hopeful. 🙂

About a year’s difference in these two pictures

Have a fantastic weekend!




Well, summer has been “here” for a while. But now it’s officially here! For us, it was record high temps in May and most of June… followed by rainy, cooler weather at the end of June. I am up for anything after our never-ending winter!!!

I absolutely love writing. When I taught 3rd grade, it was my favorite subject to teach. Finding time to write on here gets harder and harder. Life gets so busy! In the last 30 days, we have been on many playdates at the playground or splash pad… and also just finding ourselves in our own backyard. I love to be out there while my kids play. My laundry load doesn’t love it.

[Speaking of which… I have yet to dry the load I washed five hours ago. Thankfully I use EXCELLENT laundry products, so my clothes don’t smell even when I forget about them. Which happens more than it should.]  Legacy of Clean laundry products

For all of my teacher friends… I recently started a TpT store! I recall always wanting cool resources when I was teaching and never having time to create them. So now I have the time to create! (Well kind of… 🙂 …Haha)

Click Here to follow me on TpT!  I’m still learning…..   [I’ll just throw that out there!]

What are you up to so far this summer?

Thanks for reading and I hope your Monday has been MAGNIFICENT!


Technology & children

Tablets can be a wonderful thing. I will put this out there… I am extremely limiting to how much time they get. I also turn off the wi-fi so that they can’t access internet things. (Or buy stuff on Amazon.) My kids have a lot of really great apps… mostly educational ones honestly.  But you know what they like to play with most? The calculator and camera.

Anyhow …. 4 yr old son is wanting more apps. I keep telling him… “You don’t have enough space.” He is happy to scroll down to the bottom to show me the “space” that he has there on the home screen.  Son, that’s not what I mean. Nevermind…..

When I really look at how many apps he has… it’s not that many. Then I look at the photos…  OMG.  SO many nothingness photos! As I scrolled through, here is what I saw….

#1- Photos of the floor…. many, many photos of the floor

#2- Photos of absolutely nothing. A solid black screen. SO MANY!

#3- Photos of posed stuffed animals. These are actually kind of funny.

#4- Parts of people…..  my legs…. their feet… 1/2 my husbands face…. etc..

#5 The TV.  OFF and ON

Oh the funny-ness!

Maybe other people can relate?

Happy WEEKEND! 🙂

puppy problems and funny kids

8:30 A.M….. We got schoolwork out of the way bright and early this morning. We were up and moving, so why not? The boys are sitting nicely together watching Garfield…. so I finally decide to make myself some breakfast. Breakfast isn’t a quick thing for me right now. I’m trying the “low carb” eating lifestyle. No donuts, toast, pop-tarts, cereal, oatmeal….  Everything quick and easy is off limits.  So I finally make myself some eggs. Then I take a moment to eat it.

I return to the living room to find the dog is behind the chair with his head underneath it. When he hides his head underneath… he usually has something under there with him. What do I find? The remote. AGAIN. We have bought 3 remotes since last July.  (We got him in July. )The 4th one is now on order. (Thank-you Amazon!)

Chewing on the remote indeed makes me mad, but the bigger problem here today, is that he took off the back cover of the remote… chewed it into plastic shards so that he could then get to the batteries. Finding punctured, hot to the touch, batteries is quite fun. Let’s call the vet AGAIN. I take this dog to the doctor more than my kids. Thankfully I just have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t exhibit any batter poisoning symptoms for the rest of the day. And i’m really hoping he is okay.   #puppyproblems #labpuppy


I wish I could have a camera rolling at all times. My kids say such cute and funny things. You just can’t recreate that.  Parker draws a picture and comes and shows it to me. It’s a red triangle with a circle on it.

P: “what do you think this is mom?”                                                                                                 Me: “Looks like a piece of pizza.”                                                                                                          P: “Come on mom, think with your brain”  (This was said in a nice voice with a smile on his face… he didn’t mean it rudely.)

Well… turns out it was actually a rocket. Obvious choice. It made much more sense once he added insome stars and planets.  Meanwhile, I was summoned upstairs by child #2. While sitting on the toilet, he decided to tell me all about why “a semi-circle is his favorite shape”.  “They’re everywhere, you know, mom. They really are.”

Although mornings and days can be crazy, I sure love my two boys and that I am able to be home with them.


Snowy Days

Although I don’t teach full time anymore, I just love the feel of a good “snow day” once in a while. Snow days are a blessing for me. A day of warmth and snuggles. I love being stuck inside and not going anywhere. I mean technically I could have gone somewhere (Thank you Jesus for 4-wheel drive), but I just would rather not!

I love watching the snowflakes fall through the window. I love the snuggles under a blanket and watching movies with my boys. (Not sure how many more years they will want to do that.) I love the hot chocolate with whipped cream. (It definitely wasn’t diet. Let’s just say…. I don’t do well with dieting. Even in January when everyone else does.)


I can’t say I love shoveling the driveway, but it really wasn’t that bad actually. It was so calm and quiet out there, which I enjoyed. Most people weren’t home so no one else was out there shoveling.  I will take quiet time in any form! [I’m also really glad I picked up a new shovel last weekend]

As the day ends… I sat here at my computer working on a few things. I happened to notice that the dog had been unusually quiet. When this happens, 75% of the time it’s because he was up to no good. This is one of those times.


This used to be a really cute book about the birth of Jesus.

Multiple times per day, I remind my children to keep their things (toys, stuffed animals, books, crayons etc..) either upstairs or in the basement. Yet every day, I have to fight with “jaws” over some thing he has stolen. (Usually an action figure, toy car or crayon.)

So another item bites the dust. 😦

#puppyproblems   #putyourstuffawaylikeitoldyou



In spite of this, it has been a most enjoyable snow day. I am thankful for days at home with my boys and for health and safety in our family.

Have a blessed evening and rest of your week 🙂